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"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."
~Albert Einstein





Sitara Sylvia Maldonado... Live a joyful and fulfilling life!Private Healing Sessions

Through her unique Back to Self approach, Sitara integrates her intuitive skills and an eclectic mix of healing tools to work one-on-one with individuals, in person or by phone, who wish to address certain issues they are dealing with in a private and confidential setting. Her intention is to create a sacred safe space of unconditional love and acceptance where the client can be present with whatever he/she is feeling, thinking and experiencing and serves as a vehicle to reconnect him/her with their Higher Self to find the answers they need to manifest their intention. Each session is tailored to client's individual needs. She has experienced better results than by following a set structure.

Some of the issues people have come to Sitara to deal with are: stress, anxiety, depression, deep fears, fobias, low self-esteem, resistance to current life circumstances, problems with relationships, addictions and trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

During the session Sitara addresses her clients concerns by helping them identify the cause of the problem. She draws from a series of tools to process the issue. Throughout the session she is present with the client. She honors where they are but is able to stay out of the story, pattern or issue the client is dealing with. She doesn't identify or get caught up in them. Her purpose is not to rescue them, change their experience or fix anything. The client feels she's there with them, that she's supporting them. She doesn't advise or counsel. She's able to witness and help them come back to a place of witnessing their own process. In this process they become present with what is. By being present with what is, by accepting and allowing it, they are able to identify the root cause of the issue they are dealing with, they are able to bring light into the dark areas and bring into consciousness the unconscious parts. As a result the issues resolve.

Depending on the issues underlying the problem she may use a specific technique or modality to bring into consciousness the root thought(s) that created the problem. During a session she may incorporate any of the following tools:

Sessions with Sitara

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Please contact Sitara to book an appointment or to learn more about any of her offerings.

General Information about private healing sessions:

  • Sessions last between 1 and 1 hrs.
  • Sessions can be done in person or by phone.
  • Weekly sessions work well for most people, some prefer to do more.
  • Session fees:
    • Please contact Sitara for current rates.
    • There are discounts available for those who commit to a series of sessions (10% off for 3-5 sessions, 20% off for 6 or more). If you commit to a series of sessions, you are required to make a deposit for the amount of the first and last sessions, at the first visit.
      If finances are a concern for you, please let Sitara know. There are some options available, including a limited number of slots by donation.
  • Most people have a sense of resolution in each session.
  • You will be in complete control of your senses and awake throughout each session.

What you can expect from a healing session:

  • Sitara will support you in creating an intention (what you want to manifest).
  • She will incorporate the use of any necessary tools to identify, process and integrate the issue that is keeping you from manifesting your intention.
  • You will learn very simple and effective techniques you can use at home to support your intention, manage emotions and balance the brain hemispheres, including:
    • how to create affirmations
    • how to do body learning exercises, such as the energy circle, a powerful tool to bring the affirmations, into the mental, as well as emotional and physical bodies.

To schedule a session contact Sitara.

Please read what clients and others say about Sitara's private sessions.

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