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Sitara Sylvia Maldonado... Live a joyful and fulfilling life! Testimonials

Please read what clients and others say about Sitara and her private sessions, support groups, life skills classes, workshops, retreats, yoga classes and kirtans:

Most people say Sitara is very loving, non-judgmental and a great listener. They report she's an excellent teacher, very clear and well organized. Most participants gain a lot from their experience in private sessions, life skills classes, yoga classes, workshops, retreats, kirtans, support groups and other programs and events. They say these experiences will change their life in a significant way. Among the many things they find meaningful and powerful are: to be able to share with other like-minded people, to feel and be part of other's process, and be able to contribute in each other's journey. They find the energy of the group to create a very supportive healing experience of community.

Private sessions

"If angels do walk amongst us, then Sitara is definitely one of them! She is a brilliant and intuitive catalyst for opening each individual to their greatest creative and spiritual potential. To work with her is to embark on a powerful life changing and life affirming journey. What comes through so clearly is her love of all - her gentle and graceful presence embraces you, while the light of her penetrating wisdom leads the way.
By combining several modalities of healing, she is able to reach into the seemingly untouchable places within the human body-mind and bring about profound and positive change. She cradles you safely in unconditional love while helping to identify our "stories" and see beyond our "false self". She is here to remind us of who we REALLY ARE - "Divine and Unlimited Beings who are Deeply Loved" - that is her true gift, to call forth magnificence in others by reminding us that we simply have  "forgotten" who we are and encouraging us to tap into the authenticity and innate love of that resides in Being.
Sitara is a master spiritual guide, life coach, healer and shaman, all rolled up in one. If you have the opportunity to work with her, seize it. and watch the many miracles begin to unfold in your life!"
Rosanna R., Administrative Assistant, New York City

I enjoyed the coaching sessions with Sitara. I like the way she approaches her work. It comes from a real place of calm and acceptance. She is a very good listener in that she hears the words, understands the issue without judgment and is able to frame the solution/direction in a spiritual way.
Elizabeth B., Retired, Canada

"I don't know how or why RET works, but it does. After my first session I felt a remarkable shift in my mood, my level of energy, my outlook. I felt like I had been emotionally cleansed and was much lighter as a result. Sitara is both gifted and skilled. To receive this work from her is to be blessed."
Colleen W., Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Denver, CO USA

A Kripalu Yoga weekend retreat with Sitara changed my life. At the beginning of the retreat I was in a deep depression, unmotivated and without any interest to go forward. When I woke up the second day I felt the difference. On this day I also greatly benefited from the Rapid Eye session. During this session I could feel how the burden and negative energy that I had accumulated for so long were liberated. This exercise is very intense and allows letting go of feelings of the past that don't contribute to our present. By the third day I felt radiant, full of life, energy, positive and with desire to continue, not as before, but with motivation.
I am grateful for the Supreme Being, the Universe and all things and situations that happened so I could find my way here. My deepest gratitude to Sitara and her inner being.
Julia O., Travel Coordinator and Residence Inspector, FEMA, Puerto Rico

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Support groups

"I met Sitara through her excellent yoga classes and was always amazed at her knowledge of yoga and her ability to pass this on through her classes.
When I found out Sitara was leading a "Yoga off the mat" group I joined immediately. Her support group has been so informative as we work our way through the various aspects of yoga. She provides guidance and insight to many of the common issues we are all dealing with. If you'd like to learn more about the eight limbs of yoga, her group is the place to start."
Ruth G., Toronto, ON Canada

"I joined Sitara's Off the Mat Yoga Support Group this year. It has been a wonderful experience. Sitara leads us through Sharing Circles, discussions about yoga philosophy and practice in every day life, followed by a meditation. Sitara's experience, wisdom and compassion inform the sessions. Her gentleness and sense of humor shines through. In this safe and sacred space I grow."
Patti A., T oronto, ON Canada

"Sitara is very skillful in creating a safe space for participants to open up to one another at a very deep level."

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Life Skills classes

"Sitara has a wonderful energy and spirit. Her excitement and enthusiasm shine."
Shrila Leslie L., Kripalu Center, Massachusetts

"Sitara is very enthusiastic and has a genuine passion for what she teaches and a supportive way of acknowledging students."
Diane F., Artist/Nia Instructor, Massachusetts

"Sitara is super kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. She is able to see the perspective of any students' response and fit it into the discussion with support and grace. This class reinforced that I need to check in with my inner rhythm and wisdom guide. And that EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH THE THOUGHTS."
Pamela M., HR Administrator

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Be Peace
"I gained insight into where I am with peace in my world. I feel significant change will grow from this workshop - I am going to hold our world leaders in love and light that I know exists in all of us."
Falecia W.

"Sitara is knowledgeable and guiding, with an awareness of the possibilities for peace in daily life and a design to extend that to the community."
John W.

RET workshop
Sitara has great dominion of her knowledge and she practices what she teaches."
Sonia Ivette S., Psicóloga, Puerto Rico

Inmediate Release Technique (IRT) Training Workshop
Sitara is excellent and loving, full of divine energy and luminous life!"
Evelyn P., Holistic Psicologist, Puerto Rico

"What I admire the most about Sitara is her spiritual verticality"
Myrna S., Massage Therapist, Puerto Rico

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"Sitara was great - I could finally see myself on the inside." Javier R.

"Sitara is an angel."
Taina de la T., Puerto Rico

"The retreat was very well planned, well organized and well managed. All quietly, and in a way that didn't detract at all from the classes. Sitara put the materials together well and made them very usable for people. She led the group very well. She allowed and supported people's personal experiences and still kept the group experience focused."
Katherine K.

"Did yoga for first time. Can't stop me now!"
Tom D.

"Sitara was kind and caring and knowledgeable, and a good listener. She responded naturally and professionally to a challenging retreat group."
Laura O.

"Sitara is -of course- an excellent yoga teacher and a skilled listener. She also conveys a commitment and discipline that increases the overall commitment of the other participants."
Tom H.

"Rob and Sitara both present yoga/Kripalu practices with a perfect balance of clarity, empathy, some, but not intimidating, rigour and "joie de vivre".
This experience has told me that I have the capacity to be a reservoir of calm and energy for myself and others. "
Vicki Z., Web design consultant

"Rob and Sitara both are very gifted in their ability to create a safe atmosphere, be professional but still keep humor and warmth as part of the experience.
I have gained from this experience the knowing I can improve how to live my life to be more peaceful, less afraid."
Gwen C., Product Director (computer software)

Program at Kripalu
"Sitara is supportive, kind, helpful. She offers a gentle support without pressure. She was very open in sharing her experience which made me feel more open.
The program offered me the support I needed to go deeper in my thoughts, to address injuries in my body and energies and sensations, old and new."
Saundra N., Freelance writer, South Carolina

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Yoga Classes

"Sitara has a wonderful, warm and joyful presence, a sincerity and enthusiasm for yoga and the spiritual journey that communicates respect and a high value on the possibility of transformation within the yoga class. I throughly enjoyed her class and I felt great afterwards. Coming out of relaxation to her singing was heavenly. Sitara's leading is excellent. A very deliberate, clear and flowing class. It doesn't get better than this. "
Rudy P., Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainer, Kripalu Center

"Sitara is excellent - spiritual and physical, and I loved her gentle leadership and lovely singing at the end of the session. Good warm-ups and flow of postures."

"Sitara's early morning gentle yoga was exceptional! What a soft, calming voice - a wonderful way to start the day."

"Fabulous class - one of the best!"

"Sitara is a yoga goddess!"

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"Love, love, love hearing Sitara sing!"
Gwen C., Toronto

"Sitara has a beautiful voice"
Mary K., Educator/trainer

"Sitara is great with chanting and harmonium."
Eva F., Consultant

"Sitara's beautiful voice was so calming and inspiring."
Ruth G., Computer

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