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"The goal of the community is to make sure that each member of the community is heard and is properly giving the gifts that they have brought to this world.And without the community, the individual is left without a place where they can contribute.When you don't have community, you are not listened to; you don't have a place you can go to and feel that you really belong. You don't have people to affirm who you are and to support you in bringing forward your gifts.without the unloading of our gifts we experience a blockage inside, and this affects us spiritually, mentally and physically in many different ways. We are left without a home, a home to go to when we need to be seen."
~Sobonfu Some, The Spirit of Intimacy





Sitara Sylvia Maldonado... Live a joyful and fulfilling life!Workshops and Retreats

2011 Workshop and Retreat Dates

Workshops  Retreats


I have developed a number of workshops for stress management, personal healing and spiritual growth. Among the tools I may incorporate are sharing circle, yoga stretches and postures, chanting, life skills, visualizations, breathing and relaxation techniques and healing processes such as Rapid Eye Technology (RET).

Each workshop includes time for discussion to deepen our understanding of the topic and time to experience the practice. They can be customized to the level of experience of participants (all-levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced).

Kripalu Yoga
Workshops focusing on various aspects of Kripalu Yoga:

  • Meditation: Moving into Stillness
  • Pranayama: Accessing the Life Force Energy through Breath
  • Yoga Nidra: Delving into Deep Relaxation
  • Chanting: Connecting to Divine through Sacred Sound
  • Partner Yoga
  • Stage 2 – Activating our Life Force Energy (Prana)
  • Stage 3 – Meditation in Motion
  • Exploring the depths of yoga practice
  • Chakras
  • Yoga Philosophy (8 limbs of Patanjali – Ashtanga Yoga, Yamas & Niyamas, etc.)

Everyday living as Spiritual Practice
Living Your Yoga
Living Yoga
Spiritual practice is not only those ancient disciplines that connect us with our spirituality. Anything we do consciously through which we remain present and creates harmony between body, mind and spirit, can be a spiritual practice, including washing the dishes.

Rapid Eye Technology (RET)
Free yourself from the blockages that are keeping you from living a joyful and fulfilling life.

How to be happy every day
Happiness is an attitude towards life. It’s a state of being we choose. You can feel sad but you don’t need to identify with it. You can observe it, learn from it and transcend it. Includes recommendations to let go of everything that is blocking you from manifesting your inner happiness, expressing your joy for living and bring a spark to your life. Among them are a fun spiritual practice, laughter, music and dance.

What do you want to do with your life? (I designed this workshop for high school students but it can be adapted to adults.)
How to identify what is your life mission, what you need to do to fulfill it and how to create a professional career, if you so wish.

Woman, Energy and Power
How to develop self-esteem and self-empowerment

Be the Peace we want to Create in the World
To create Peace in our society and the world, we need to start with ourselves. Includes a reflection of spiritual teachings of historical figures who have contributed to World Peace, a guided meditation, affirmations and recommendations of activities that support us in calming our minds and creating inner peace.

Gateways to Awakening the Divine Self: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life
Through different practices such as yoga, emphasizing on yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and powerful co-creation techniques such as visualization, guided imagery and affirmations, we can release blockages to the free flow of energy in our bodies and reconnect with the divine being inside of us and create a resonant environment that attracts miracles like magnets in our daily lives

The Path of Love
Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Reflection on what is love, in what areas of our lives it is flowing and in which they are not. How to live carrying out experiments in love. Based on the teachings of Swami Kripalu.

Spring Renewal
Learn how to transition smoothly from winter to spring. Spring is the time to cleanse the body. Prepare for the season by creating a lifestyle and practice that supports you. Includes discussion and practice on healthy and conscious eating.

How to create support to maintain a spiritual lifestyle
How to create a lifestyle that supports our spiritual evolution. How to request, search and find the support of family, friends, like-minded people, etc, to maintain this lifestyle. Community is stronger than will power. Clear communication is essential to get support from others.

Please read what clients and others say about Sitara's workshops.

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Retreats (Day-long, Weekend, Week-long)

I lead retreats of my own and co-lead others with my husband and partner, Rob, who is also a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

All retreats include Kripalu yoga classes, sharing circles, experiential workshops, and chanting.

Weekend retreats are currently being held at various retreat centers located throughout the countryside of Ontario that offer comfortable accommodations and delicious healthy meals.

Winter retreats are usually a week long and are held at a tropical destination.

I/we create a safe and sacred space where participants can relax, renew themselves, learn, have fun, connect with their Self and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

See below for information about retreats coming up.

For more details about what is covered in the retreats, you are also welcome to check out the website for a previous retreat at

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Fall Day-long Retreat
Sunday, October 23, 2011 

Are you ready to embrace the Fall season in all it's glory? Are you needing to re-energize, connect with you loving joyful Self and other like-hearted people?

Fall is decidedly settling in. We are now transitioning into a period of transformative stunning beauty in which we watch new colors emerging, are reaping the harvests from our gardens and are starting to feel the coolness creep in. It's also a time to reach into our inner garden to support us in making the adjustments needed to shift into the new season.


You are invited to join me for the Kripalu Yoga On & Off the Mat Fall Day-long Retreat next Sunday, Oct 23rd.  During this unique experience we will learn ways to make the transition smoothly from fall to winter. You can come for the full day or for part of it.


This retreat includes:

  • Kripalu Yoga yoga class which includes breathing exercises, postures, relaxation and other yogic practices that can support you in this time of transition.
  • a workshop/cooking class in which you will learn how to prepare for the season by creating a lifestyle and practice that supports your body and mind and how to prepare a healthy, natural, vegetarian meal suitable for this season which we will enjoy together for lunch.
  • Living Fully Your Life Purpose - a new co-creative experiential workshop in which I will share some tools that have supported me in receiving the insights and clarity needed to take the necessary steps to move forward in manifesting my life calling.
  • sharing circle, an accepting and confidential space where you will have the opportunity to share how you feel without receiving feedback.
  • a walk in the ravine


My intention is to create a sacred safe space that will allow you to deepen your yoga practice on the mat and learn new tools you can apply into your every day life off the mat. This will also be an opportunity to have fun and share with spiritual seekers like yourself.


All activities are for all-levels. No previous experience is necessary. See all the details below.


I look forward to sharing this experience with you! 




Sunday, Oct 23rd

10:00 am - 5:00 pm (includes Living Fully Your Life Purpose workshop)

Day Retreat

$85 (early bird special) - if you register before Oct 21st


Living Fully Your Life Purpose workshop only 

2:00 - 5:00 pm  

$35 (early bird special) - if you register before Oct 21st


The Yoga House (a beautiful yoga space with a wonderful view of the ravine)  
7 Copeland Ave. For a map click here




Payment can be made by cash, money order, check or PayPal. Make check payable to Sylvia Maldonado. To pay through Pay Pal, click here:

To register or for more information please contact Sitara at: or call 647-458-7096


If you are interested in attending the workshop or the retreat, but finances are a concern, please feel free to contact Sitara to discuss your specific situation and find a mutually beneficial arrangement.



"I left the day-retreat feeling strong and powerful."
Dollie N., waitress

"Sitara has a wonderful presence, apart from being so knowledgeable. I always feel so safe and supported in her workshops! I felt very nurtured by the day. Great energy to bathe in!"

Pat S.


"The retreat was very well planned, well organized and well managed. She led the group very well. She allowed and supported people's personal experiences and still kept the group experience focused." 

Katherine K.


"Sitara was kind and caring and knowledgeable, and a good listener."  

Laura O.


"Sitara is an excellent yoga teacher and a skilled listener. She also conveys a commitment and discipline that increases the overall commitment of the other participants."  

Tom H.


"Sitara is very nurturing, open, accepting yet creates a structured safe environment." 

Linda D., teacher


For information about Kripalu Yoga, workshop, sharing circle or testimonials visit:   

11-11-11 - Nov 11, 2011

Let’s celebrate this auspicious day by coming together for a weekend of conscious living

Fall Weekend Retreat

Friday, Nov 11 - Sunday, Nov 13, 2011 

Enjoy a special week-end of yoga and healthy living at a beautiful secluded retreat centre on a sprawling country acreage. Includes yoga classes, experiential workshops, conscious cooking classes, kirtan (chanting), delicious healthy vegetarian meals, comfortable shared accommodations and much more…

During the workshops you will learn about the yoga of conscious living, including healthy eating and how to transition smoothly from fall to winter. Prepare for the season by creating a lifestyle and practice that supports your body and mind. 

This Fall Weekend Retreat will include:

  • daily Kripalu Yoga classes (all levels)
  • a sacred group meditation for global awakening to higher consciousness
  • 2 experiential workshops/cooking classes
  • sharing circle, an accepting and confidential space where you will have the opportunity to share how you feel without receiving feedback
  • delicious healthy vegetarian meals
  • 2 nights comfortable shared accommodations (there might be single available)
  • kirtan (devotional chanting)
  • warm, peaceful atmosphere
  • and more…

(all activities optional, no experience necessary)

Special Guests

We are honored to have some wonderful Toronto kirtan leaders and musicians who will be joining us in our Saturday night kirtan, including Lana Sugarman and Pat Sandford. 


Friday, November 11 – Sunday, November 13

Check-in begins at 3:00 pm on Friday. There will be a yoga class from 4:30 to 6:00 and dinner around 6:30 pm. The retreat officially begins at 7:30 pm and ends Sunday at 1:00 pm. 

Lotus Heart Centre
This retreat sanctuary is located near Brighton, Ontario.
Only 1 1/2 hrs east of Toronto and 3 hrs S.W. of Ottawa.
See for yourself at

Other Offerings (additional cost)

Sitara - private healing sessions*.
Thai yoga massage & Reiki are available if booked in advance

For testimonials on people who have joined Sitara for past retreats please read below or click here.

Cost (per person):
$295 + tax (early bird special - if payment received by Nov 4th) Late registration, add $25. Single accommodation, if available, add $50.

Space is limited at this retreat. A non-refundable deposit of $125 is required to reserve your spot. Full payment must be made by Nov 11th.

Registration & payment can be made by Credit Card or Interac by contacting the Lotus Heart Centre at 613-475-2100, or toll free 1-855-475-2100.

If you are currently attending any of Sitara’s classes or events, you can bring your deposit in person. If you prefer to register by mail please contact Sitara or Lotus Heart Centre for the details.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details about the retreat.

To register or for more information please contact Sitara at: or call 647-458-7096

If you are interested in attending, but finances are a concern, please feel free to contact Sitara to discuss your specific situation and find a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Loved Sitara - very well prepared. Positive, loving, non-judgemental energy! She brings so much love and acceptance to all the activities.  

Kathy G

Guest House Owner, Puerto Rico

Sitara is an excellent teacher and facilitator. Her explanations are very clear and easy to follow. Her presence in all the activities is inspiring. 

Sandra D

Professor, New York

“Sitara is gentle, encouraging, warm and joyful. I feel in more direct contact with the divine.”

Sarah E., Property Mgt, Toronto

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Click here to see photos of past retreats.

Please read what clients and others say about Sitara's retreats.

Please contact Sitara if you have any questions or wish to learn more about her upcoming workshops and retreats.

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